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Pinboard bookmarks for May 2013

Published: 2013-05-31
David Edelstein
The Blob Just Isn't Scary Anymore |
FUNCTION "PR_READ_FROM_STREAM" (property in varchar2, insKey in varchar2, storage_stream in blob) return varchar2 DETERMINISTIC as -- -- $Id: -- -- Copyright (c) 2011 Pegasystems Inc. -- All rights reserved. -- -- This software has been provided pursuant to a License -- Agreement containing restrictions on its use. The software -- contains valuable trade secrets and proprietary information of -- Pegasystems Inc and is protected by federal copyright law. It -- may not be copied, modified, translated or distributed in any -- form or medium, disclosed to third parties or used in any manner -- not provided for in said License Agreement except with written -- authorization from Pegasystems Inc. -- -- -- Name: pr_read_from_stream -- -- Description: -- language java name ', java.lang.String, java.sql.Blob) return java.lang.String';
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