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Pinboard bookmarks for June 2011

Published: 2011-06-30
David Edelstein
UsherBuddy - Last Minute Event Tickets - Explore Your City
UsherBuddy is launching soon and I'm one of the first in line! Join me. #launch via @UsherBuddy
Cooking Oil Smoke Points
495 F: Soy Bean Oil crisco pure vegetable oil is soy bean oil
cooking oil smoke smoke-point reference 
foldl in prolog (2)
Here’s another shot of foldl in prolog. this one is a little cleaner than the last version. foldl(Gen, Pred, In=Init, Out) :- H=hold(Init), ( Gen, H=hold(CurVal), ...
Radiohead: Adam King tries to convince me they are aliens… - State of Mind Music
OK Computer and In Rainbows are complimentary albums created ten years apart, and if they are synched up by alternating tracks from each album (with minor adjusting) it feels like one cohesive piece of music.
music radiohead albums amazing 
Vitamin String Quartet - The Scientist