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Robin Hood

Published: 2010-05-17
David Edelstein

As an fyi, the Robin Hood movie is more like a prequel than a remake. If you didn’t know that going in (like me) you’ll waste a lot of effort trying to figure out how everything is supposed to work out.

Overall pretty decent movie, worth seeing.  Very long though, so go see it in the afternoon when you have nothin better to do!  Not as good as Gladiator of course though… Gladiator had more compelling characters and the battle scenes were just intangibly better.  The merry men looked like fun guys but we just didn’t see them enough to feel more connected.  Also we didn’t see as much Robin Hood kicking ass with a bow&arrow as expected.

Laura agrees with me about the Gladiator comparison, but she said she thought King Arthur was better than Robin Hood… but that might be because that one followed the traditional storyline more closely. I don’t recall that movie at all, and I think I’ll remember this one, so I’ll have to rank this one ahead of it.


  • Not enough characterization of the merry men.  We see them having fun and stuff, but we really dont see any back story
  • Not enough Robin Hood kicking ass with the bow & arrow.  I think he takes like 3-4 shots that actually mean something.  why not more bow&arrow, less swords?
  • i wont ruin the ending, but maid marion should not have been participating at the end
  • difficult english accents and tricky formal speech made some scenes a little hard to follow.  watching this with somebody else helped, Laura caught everything I didn’t.  I don’t know if I helped her at all


  • Gladiator like enough to be fun as hell.  Lots of sword throws to Russel Crowe on a horse (I count 2 in this movie), lots of russel crowe leading armies, etc etc
  • Long enough that the plot didn’t feel rushed, it came in at just the right pace to enjoy.  might be tough watching on TV with commercial breaks though.
  • Friar Tuck was just a straight up awesome dude.  if you see the movie you’ll agree