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Neal Stephenson - The Baroque Cycle

Published: 2011-09-19
David Edelstein
Quicksilver, Vol. I of the Baroque Cycle
Book 1 - Quicksilver
Book 2 - The King of the Vagabonds
Book 3 - Odalisque

The Confusion, Vol. II of the Baroque Cycle
Book 4 - Bonanza
Book 5 - The Juncto

The System of the World, Vol. III of the Baroque Cycle
Book 6 - Solomon’s Gold
Book 7 - Currency
Book 8 - The System of the World

I read Quiksilver. The plot jumps around a lot, but every piece is interesting in-and-of-itself so it was a pleasure reading. I especially like the technical parts about fighting with pirates and sailing, even though these were tangential to the main plot.