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drinking games (from reddit)

Published: 2011-09-13
David Edelstein

[–] armetheus   446 points 1 month ago *

Wisest Wizard

Buy case(s) of beer, start with one beer and every beer you drink you duct tape it to the bottom of the first can, keep going and you’ll eventually have an amazing wizard staff provided you can drink more than 5 beers in an evening

Beard and hat optional

edit: forgot to add the person with the longest ‘staff’ wins

[–] timelighter   39 points 1 month ago

Don’t forget the wizard names. Everyone has their own wizard name (Dumblebeer, Beerius Black, Beerdaulf the Beer, etc) and you can only refer to on another by such name. Using someone’s real name results in losing a can.

–] Miss0bvious   138 points 1 month ago

Stand in a circle and start playing “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

Have someone start chugging a beer, then whenever they say “thunder” or “thunderstruck” in the song, the person who is chugging points to someone else, and then that person takes their place.

It’s great because there is one period in particular during the song where they go quite a while without saying thunder, and you never really know who’s going to get stuck drinking through that.

–] hupwhat   418 points 1 month ago

Irish drinking game: two guys go into a room with a bottle of whiskey each. After the whiskey is drunk, one guy goes outside the room, knocks on the door, and the other guy has to guess who it is.

[–] Zeppelanoid   84 points 1 month ago

I once played baseball.

It’s like beer pong but with only 4 cups, organized in a single file. The cup closest to the thrower is a single, second cup is a double, etc. A miss is an out. Both teams have an extra cup on the side. When there’s a base runner, the offensive team can “steal” a base by chugging said extra cup. The defence team has to chug their beer quicker than the other team to get the runner out.

It’s a pretty fun way to get shwasted.

[–] gryphongod   36 points 1 month ago

This is my favorite drinking game. However, we play with a few more rules:

  • You get 3 strikes (throws) to get it in a cup before you get out
  • If the ball bounces off of a cup, the defensive team can catch the ball before it hits the table or the ground for an out
  • When stealing, you have to play tippy cup (AKA flippy cup) after you chug the beer, if the runner does it first he steals, if the defensive player does it first, the runner is caught stealing for an out

For clarification, the defensive team must drink 1 cup for a single, 2 cups for a double, 3 cups for a triple, and all 4 cups for a home run. Anyone on the team can drink. Play 9 innings and you’re most likely done for the night.