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As a long time user, this is some baaad news

Published: 2010-12-16
David Edelstein

Rest in Peace,

Rest in Peace,, a beloved social bookmarking service, is being killed off as part of some “organizational streamlining” by Yahoo and we’re already in tears. Here’s some advice on how to preserve the memories—and bookmarks—we have with the service.

Simply head over to this link and you’ll be offered the option to export all your bookmarks—you’ll be provided with the option of including your tags and notes as well.

Once you’re done exporting those bookmarks and mourning, you can check out this list for some alternative bookmark management tools. [ TechCrunch ]

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I’ve been using since 2005… It was and is a great website. Why would Yahoo decide to kill it??? Is delicious not making them enough (any?) money? Why not try to make a premium service? I’d pay $1 a month… i already pay flickr @$2 a month.