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autoconf fails to build plunit

Published: 2011-06-02
David Edelstein

following instructions from this site:

git clone
dave@deb5:~/prologlibs$ cd plunit 
dave@deb5:~/prologlibs/plunit$ ls 
autom4te.cache  examples     Makefile.mak  README 
ChangeLog       install-sh   plunit.doc 
dave@deb5:~/prologlibs/plunit$ autoconf 
/usr/bin/ cannot open `../ac_swi_noc.m4’: No such 
file or directory 
autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1 

I wish I understood enough about autoconf to see why. I do not have
this m4 file on my machine… but am I supposed to create it using
some other part of the build chain?