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Building this blog

Published: 2023-09-07
David Edelstein

Tools used for building this blog:

  1. Using the sveltekit starter from josh-collingsworth found at
  2. Icons from
  3. Selecting colors:
  4. My own pinboard views
  5. My own migration from tumblr and medium (with varying success)

Color palette right now from

	--accent: #91BED5;
	--background: #FAF9F8;
	--lightAccent: #d3aaf2;
	--lighterAccent: #E6E8E4;
	--dark: #A47FA0;
	--darker: #4561B1;
	--slate: #2F3948;
Vista White

Light shades

Use this color as the background for your dark-on-light designs, or the text color of an inverted design.

Biloba Flower

Light accent

Accent colors can be used to bring attention to design elements by contrasting with the rest of the palette.

Half Baked

Main brand color

This color should be eye-catching but not harsh. It can be liberally applied to your layout as its main identity.


Dark accent

Another accent color to consider. Not all colors have to be used - sometimes a simple color scheme works best.

San Marino

Dark shades

Use as the text color for dark-on-light designs, or as the background for inverted designs.